Create Levain Wallet

Learn more about Levain's wallet security model here.


Top navigation bar showing the Create Wallet button

To create a Levain Wallet through the Levain App, log in to the Levain App with your Levain account. Next, navigate to Wallets and click on the Create Wallet button.

Select blockchain

Create wallet flow

Choose the blockchain network that you want to create your wallet on, and give your wallet a name.

Create and fund your org gas tank

Gas tank step

Note that for specific blockchains e.g. EVM-compatible blockchains and Tron, you may first need to create a gas tank if it is the first time you are creating a wallet on that blockchain.

You will also need to top up your gas tank with the native token of the blockchain network that you are creating your wallet on. To learn more about the gas tank, refer to the Using the Gas Tank guide.

Encrypt wallet with password

Encrypt wallet password step

Provide a wallet password and enter it into the Wallet Password field. This password will be used to encrypt your wallet's private keys. You will need this password to sign transactions from your wallet later on, and we recommend that you keep this wallet password safe in a password manager.

Wallet password encryption

Levain will generate the private keys (on your browser, not in our servers) and encrypt them with your wallet password.

Activate wallet with the activation code

Wallet Recovery Kit

After the keys are encrypted, you will receive a Wallet Recovery Kit (PDF). It is crucial to:

  1. print a physical copy in a trusted environment (e.g. not an insecure public printer)
  2. store the physical copy in a secure location
  3. store the digital copy in a secure location, or delete it entirely You will need this Wallet Recovery Kit to recover your wallet in the event that you lose your wallet password or your private keys.

Find the activation code from within your Wallet Recovery Kit and enter it into the Activation Code field. This will activate your wallet.

Wallet activation

Wait for activation

Wallet activated

Some wallets (e.g. those on Ethereum or EVM-based blockchains) require an on-chain transaction to be created. You can use your Levain wallet once it has been successfully activated on-chain.